Hair Cuts & Styles – Clipper Cut

This electric clipper and comb technique is no longer reserved for the barber shop, but rather a popular new salon trend for clients ready create a unique, edgy and adventurous style. As long as you’re ready to pull off a fresh and interesting new look, our expert stylists are ready for you!

Popular Clipper Cuts:

Buzz Cut:

Keeping it simple. Generally, this refers to when a client wants clippers to take their hair down to one consistent length.


A fade haircut is just like it sounds, when shorter hair “fades” into longer hair. Typically, clients have the back of the haircut and sides seamlessly blended all the way from skin up to a longer hair with no visible lines from the different clipper guards.


The undercut is a super popular women’s hairstyle right now, but of course gender neutral. Basically, undercut means your hair will be much shorter on the sides and/or back than the top, giving the disconnected style.

Nape Undercut:

yep just like it sounds, much shorter or even shaved nape area. We can even incorporate creative color or a stylish design that’s visible only when the hair is up!

Pixie Undercut

Lets be honest, not everyone can rock an undercut pixie. But for those of you who can, this haircut is sexy, bold and fun! The edgy version of a cute cut.