What is Ombré Color Treatment?

Ombré hair color treatment from Lebeau Hair Salon in Tremont, is a great way to have a low maintenance look that doesn’t sacrifice style. Choose to go bold, opt for a softer look, pick from colorful or natural tones with endless color choices. We can take your hair from dark brown to light blonde, or even from your natural color to a colorful shade of your choice! If you can imagine it we can make it happen.

What is the difference between Ombré and Balayage?

Many of our clients ask us what is the difference between an Ombré and a Balayage? To simply state, the Ombre is the style and the Balayage is the technique. Check out our page with more information about the differences between the two and some details about our balayage color treatment service. Change your look and turn heads at work when you add dimension to the tips of your hair, with ultra popular “dipped-ends” look.

What is Ombré Color Treatment?

Ombré is a hair color treatment, meaning “to shadow”, the transition from the deeper roots and light ends is going to be shorter and more dramatic. This is often considered more of a style than technique. This bold & confident color treatment will definitely impress!

Ombre Hair Color Treatment Maintenance

With our ombré treatments, our customers you can go often go a few months between treatments. Ombre hair color treatments are known to be low maintenance because your hair will blend with your natural look over time. Of course all of this depends on where you’re starting and where you want to end up with your personal style. The need to color less often is a big part of what makes this treatment or application so popular. If you are graying, however, ask about our retouching services, and make sure to stick to your plan outlined by your stylist.

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