Retouch Hair Color Treatment Service

Need those roots fixed up a bit? Yep, eventually they begin to show for everyone. Depending on how fast your hair grows, roots can appear just a few weeks following color service and how visible it is all depends on the color difference between your dyed and natural color. Not satisfied with a home color treatment? Or just touching up some surprising new grey locks that are peaking through? Don’t worry, Lebeau has got you covered!

Why Lebeau Hair Salon in Tremont for Color Retouch?

Our retouch treatment services can give you a fresh new look and extend the longevity of your hair color. The passionate and experience staff at our Tremont hair salon are experts in retouching color to make you feel as beautiful as you are. Retouch services start at $85 and can often get you the results your looking for in between the big color treatment appointments!

Schedule an appointment and chat with a stylist to find a style that suits you –  216.621.3638

How often will I need to touch up?

Looking to extend the longevity of a recent color treatment? That great we are hear to help. Consult with a stylist and get a plan in place to maintain the vibrant shine you feel the day of your treatment. Ask about our selection of affordable and effective color treatment products designed to meet your specific color treatment needs!

Tips for Hair Color Maintenance in Between Appointments

All hair color treatments require some maintenance, and we’re here to help you out between appointments to keep you looking beautiful. Of course, consistent visits to your neighborhood hair salon is best for the long term health of your hair, allowing you to maintain optimal color results without starting from scratch and repairing damaged hair each time you visit.

Consult with your hair colorist and give us a call to schedule an appointment – 216.621.3638