Lighten & Tone Hair Color Treatment

There is no better time than now to lighten & tone your hair! Our stylists love this method, as helps personalize your color of hair to get you that perfect style. Toner is used to add natural or more visible tones during your color treatment appointment at Lebeau in lovely Tremont, Ohio. Bring in pictures, share your pinterest inspo board and lets make this happen.

Connect with a hair colorist to find which hair color treatment option is best for you and give us a call to schedule an appointment – 216.621.3638

More About Hair Toner…

We use toner to enhance the natural “tonality” of your hair. While toner is commonly used for shades of blonde hair it can also be an effective situational treatment for brunettes and redheads too. Of course, you’ll notice tons of toner products in your local drug store that promote at home color treatment, but the process is complex and best left to our talented staff who are masters of lightening and toner. If done incorrectly, at-home lightening and toning can often lead to undesirable results. If you take that route, good for you, just keep our number on speed dial an ask about our Retouch services if you need us!

Choosing the Right Color Treatment

We’re here to answer questions, talk through ideas and finding the hair color treatment that is best for you. Some are low maintenance, which is great, but consistent visits to your neighborhood hair salon is best for the long term health of your hair, allowing you to maintain optimal color results.

Consult with your hair colorist and give us a call to schedule an appointment – 216.621.3638