What is Balayage Color Treatment?

Balayage is all about how the color is applied and the transition between dark and light. This softer, freehand technique typically does not involve foil or meche, used to creating more traditional highlights.

In Balayage, not all ends are treated so there are often darker pieces left on the bottom, creating more sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair. With this hair color technique, a balayage transition will be much longer and more natural looking.

The balayage results in the beautiful natural look you’ve always dreamed of. Plan for a slightly longer salon experience, as this technique requires skill and artistry, also plan to l get spoiled while you’re here!

What is the difference between a Balayage Color Treatment and Ombré?

Yep the difference between these two can be tricky to spot. The most common differences are found on the ends, where Ombré has full color coverage and the length of transition where Balayage is more subtle and Ombré more dramatic.  you can always reach out to one of our passionate hair stylists at LeBeau to get more information to find the color treatment right for you.

What is Ombré Color Treatment?

Ombré is a hair color treatment, meaning “to shadow”, the transition from the deeper roots and light ends is going to be shorter and more dramatic. This is often considered more of a style than technique. This bold & confident color treatment will definitely impress!

Choosing the Right Color Treatment

Both balayage and ombré hair color treatments are low maintenance, which is great, but consistent visits to your neighborhood hair salon is best for the long term health of your hair, allowing you to maintain optimal color results.

Consult with your hair colorist and give us a call to schedule an appointment – 216.621.3638