Creative Hair Color & All Over Hair Color

Are you looking for that unforgettable statement style that was designed with you in mind? Those stand out from the crowd hair trends made wearable-in vibrant, lasting color. No matter your hair color, eye color, skin tone or hair style, LeBeau in Tremont has the perfect style waiting for you.

Experience that sexy & memorable style you’ve been imaging – where you become a fashion statement. You’re experience begins with consultation from our super talented and creative team of stylists.

Our creative color packages start at $105 and can provide everything from full color from regrowth to ends, to the multidimensional effect that will be sure to turn heads.

Schedule an appointment and chat with a stylist to find a style that suits you –  216.621.3638

The balayage results in the beautiful natural look you’ve always dreamed of. Plan for a slightly longer salon experience, as this technique requires skill and artistry, also plan to l get spoiled while you’re here!

Why Choose Lebeau for your Hair Color Treatment?

Our expert stylist will help you said adios to greys streaks & patches, unwanted faded ends on your hair and even correct unwelcome variations. Choose Lebeau for a professionally applied all over color treatment to beautify every lock & strand of hair on your head. Bold or classic, we’ll cover you from the roots to the tips!

All Over Hair Color Maintenance

All hair color treatments require some maintenance, and we’re here to help you out between appointments to keep you looking beautiful. Of course, consistent visits to your neighborhood hair salon is best for the long term health of your hair, allowing you to maintain optimal color results without starting from scratch and repairing damaged hair each time you visit.

Consult with your hair colorist and give us a call to schedule an appointment – 216.621.3638